NTA Abhyas Chapter Wise Questions Physics

NTA Abhyas offers 109 mock tests for JEE Main aspirants, with each test (3 hours long) having 75 questions (25 for each subject). This means students have access to more than 2700 quality questions for each subject. Note that the quality of NTA questions is at par or better than what most books and coaching institutes have to offer.

For physics, our team of IITians, have categorized these 2725 NTA Abhyas physics questions by chapter, subtopic and question types. Additionally we have offered them as chapter wise mock test as well as full syllabus tests which is sure to boost your preparation.

Additionally, you will have access to AceJEE short notes for each physics chapter and you will also be able to ask unlimited number of doubts related to these physics questions.

So, make use of these questions from the beginning of your preparation.

Previous years (till date) JEE Main and JEE Advanced chapter wise physics questions (3000+) are also available

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NTA Abhyas Chapter Wise Questions

The NTA Abhyas physics questions have been categorized by chapter, by topic and further by question type. Here are the number of questions by chapter:

 ChapterNumber of questions
1Units and Dimensions111
3Force and Motion159
4Work, Energy, Power83
5Center of Mass109
8Elasticity & Fluids160
11Heat & Thermodynamics269
13Current & Electricity182
15Induction & AC119
17Modern Physics (plus Semiconductors & Communication) 413

NTA Abhyas Chapter Wise Questions - Units and Dimensions

Chapter Wise Mock Tests

NTA Abhyas Chapter Wise Questions Mock Tests

NTA Abhyas chapter wise questions for physics have also been arranged into chapter wise mock tests (each of 15 questions and 40 mins) for you to practice as you complete a chapter in your class. This is a great way to test your readiness on that topic

Full Syllabus Tests (Physics)

NTA Abhyas tests for physics (1 hour, 25 questions each) have also been made available like in the NTA Abhyas App, but here you do not need to go offline (or the airplane mode) to attempt these papers. More over here you can attempt ONLY physics.

Short Notes For All Physics Chapters

You will have access to short notes with important illustrations and formulae for all physics chapters, which will help you revise the key concepts and formulae with ease.

Short Notes - Physics - Rotation - Rolling Motion

Similar Questions (JEE Main / Advanced / NTA)

The NTA Abhyas physics questions have been categorized by chapter, by topic and further by question type which means you can find all similar questions, not only within 2725 NTA questions but similar questions in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced previous year questions (across 40+ years question bank). [Note this feature is available with ‘Rankers Choice’ course]

Explanation Videos by Vikas Sir (IIT Delhi - B.Tech)

For every question, you will be able to see the associated question type and learn how to solve such questions.

[Note this feature is available with ‘Rankers Choice’ course]

Ask unlimited doubts related to NTA questions

If you have a doubt related to NTA Abhyas physics questions, go to Ask a doubt section and our faculty will respond back promptly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does NTA Abhyas compare with JEE?

For all the chapters NTA Abhyas questions cover the different types of questions that are asked in JEE Mains and the difficulty level is as good as or at times better than in JEE Mains which means that they are a good source of practice questions for JEE Advanced as well. For a better understanding of the coverage and difficulty level, refer to the question types section. [Note question types section is accessible with ‘Rankers Choice’]