How do I ramp up my JEE preparation for the upcoming JEE Main 2021 / 2022?

Tips for JEE Preparation

As an JEE Main aspirant, you must be thinking how to get fully prepared and ramp up your preparation for upcoming JEE Main 2021 / 2022 examination. You may be all set with everything you need in order to achieve the desired results. However, with proper preparation strategy you can be more confident about the desired results. This preparation strategy can help you in getting confidence over topic by deciding the appropriate time frame and proper ramp up strategy for every unit.

The tips to ramp up JEE preparation:

1. Syllabus: Go through the syllabus once again. Highlight your completed topics, partially completed topics, and incomplete topics. Focus on the partially complete and incomplete topics.

2. Time table: Prepare the time log for each subject and topics. How much time is required to revise and ramp up the preparation. Calculate it backwards from the date of exam. You should be able to complete your preparation at least one week before the exam. Divide the time accordingly in the subjects or topics.

3. Clear basics: Do not underestimate the power of basic concepts. Try to cover the basic concepts of majority of topics. Try and find new ways of learning things for the topics which are boring for you.  The new ways of learning can include diagrammatic representation of concepts, flow charts, short notes, and tables.

4. Practice Tests: Practice previous year questions along with other question from question bank and test series. The tests can be categorized into topic wise tests and overall test as per the JEE Mains pattern. The specific question type in which you are stuck should be given priority while revising and ramping up your preparation.

5. Analyze your mistakes/ weak areas: With the help of practice and mock tests, you can analyze your weaker areas in which the mistakes are occurring. Give proper time to analyze the mock and practice test completely. Revisit those areas for better clarity and understanding.

6. Time allocation: Time constraint is an important issue which the majority of the students face in exam. Therefore, it is important to gain speed in solving questions accurately. Allocate proper time to questions that you are going to attempt.

7. Be consistent in your preparation: Be consistent in your effort and hard work. Consistency and focused hard work is the key to achieve success. You should not leave the preparation for a single day. Prepare for JEE Main 2021 / 2022 every day.

In addition, the focus can also be attributed to marking scheme, sectional weightage, and difficulty level. The suggested tips can be customized according to your need and level of preparation for JEE Main 2021. We wish you all the best and success in JEE Main 2021.

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