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By AceJEE Faculty (IITians)

To score 98+ percentile in JEE Main, one needs to score about 160 marks out of 300.

Now, out of physics, chemistry and mathematics, physics is relatively easier to score higher simply because it requires lesser number of concepts and formulaes to be memorized. Focus is more on application of concepts and formulaes.

What should be your target score in JEE Main physics?

Well, if you want to score 98+ percentile, which will allow you to geta good NIT and a good engineering branch, then you should target to score more than 80 marks out of 100 in Physics, which will significantly reduce the burden to score high in chemsitry and mathematics.

How should one go about scoring 80+ marks in JEE Main physics?

Well, unlike JEE Advanced, scoring high in JEE Main requires studying smart and before we talk about the essential of the preparation, you need to realize that the JEE Main mock tests by the coaching institutes are NOT representative of the actual JEE Main exams, afterall, focus of coaching institutes is JEE Advanced. This can be very misleading as it gives wrong signal to the student on where they need to focus.

Now let’s talk about the essentials of the preparation for JEE Main Physics

Given that NTA has to set 24 papers (including all the sessions from both the attempts, we are talking about 720 new questions for Physics alone each year, moreover, the difficulty level of the questions need to be of nearly the same level across all 24 papers, which means that they are forced to target certain concepts and types of questions more than others. In other words, we have a clear pattern, 20% of the different types of questions across 11th and 12th syallbus account for nearly 80 marks or about 20 questions in each physics paper

So, it is a must that you know about these concepts and question types and practice more of these types of questions to do really well in the JEE Main exam.

Here is a glimpse of the most important question type from each of the 1st 4 chapters (Units and Dimensions, Kinematics, Force and Motion and Work, Energy, Power)

Important Questions | Physics | JEE Main 2024

So, to help you champion your preparation, senior AceJEE faculty (IITians) have identified 137 important question types (across all chapters put together), which account for more than 80 marks on an average in each paper.

What all has been provided on AceJEE platform

  • Important question types by chapter and by priority (Top 50, 80, 137 and all). So focus on top 137 to score 80+ marks in physics, if you have time to prepare, and if you found this platform one month prior to the exam then focus solely on top 50, which account for more than 40 marks in each paper.
  • More than 7000 practice questions | All the JEE Main questions (along with NTA Abhyas questions and JEE Advanced PYQs) till date have been segregated into question types, which means, when you go inside a question type, say for example, photoelectric effect, or questions pertaining to energy or intensity of EM waves or LCR circuits under resonance or Capacitor with multiple dielectric slabs or doppler effect or viscosity or ‘g’ at a height or moment of inertia etc. you will see all the questions of that type from all the previous years JEE Main papers (till date).
  • Explanation video by Vikas Sir is also available for each of these question type, which will allow to brush up your concepts and know key information about each of the question type, which will help you solve questions
  • Notes for all these 137 question types are available in PDF, which we advise students to use as the key document for revision

If you need a bit of help with your preparation, you can always register for revision classes by Vikas Sir (truly unique and effective). Call to know more.

Do take a print of the notes for important question types from the download section of the website. It will come in very handy during your revision

Important Question Types | How do you access them?

  • Click here, which will take you to the sign-up page and then direct you to the JEE Main Important Questions page
  • On the JEE Main Important Questions page, you can explore the important question types for Units and Dimensions for free

Some tips that will come in handy as you explore the important questions page

  • Select Top > 137 at the top left of the page, which will then show you thumbnails of important question types for each chapter that are in top 137. Do explore top 50 option as well to get a feel for the most important question types
  • For students who have purchased the subscription, you will see ‘Sort by Priority’ on the right top. Use this view as you get closer to the exam
  • Note that number of questions that appeared in recent JEE Main papers (2019 to 2023) have been indicated on the thumbnails
  • Now before you go inside the question types for theory, key formulaes and practice questions, click on ‘Helpful Content’ at the top of the page and click on ‘Download PDF‘. There under the ‘JEE Main Important Questions (Key Formulaes and Concepts), click on the ‘Download PDF’, take a print out of this in the landscape mode. These notes from Vikas Sir will come in very handy as you explore the question types and practice questions
  • Click on any question type thumbnail, which will take you inside the question type (for best experience, explore this on your desktop). You will find theory, all the JEE Main PYQ’s, NTA Abhyas questions and JEE Advanced questions for that question type. Under the explanation video tab, you will be able to watch helpful video by Vikas Sir on that question type (Don’t miss out on that). Note that these explanation videos are also accessible from the main page (video icon on the right bottom of every question type thumbnail)
  • If you want to quickly revise the important questions of a chapter, go to the main page and click on the Formuale button (to the right of the chapter name)
  • And if you would like to prepare for JEE Main along with Vikas Sir, call 7428214999 to register for the personalized (small batch size) revision and practice classes

Best Wishes from AceJEE Faculty

Best Wishes

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