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with Vikas Sir (IIT Delhi Alumni)

AceJEE Physics Online Classes

Let’s explore the JEE Advanced and JEE Main physics online classes with Vikas Sir (IIT Delhi & Purdue University Alumnus) where you will get to significantly improve your problem solving skills, through a very structured approach based on question types, continuous revision, personalized guidance, and,


Students enrolled with FIIT JEE or Aakash: Ask for Class 11 batch with other FIIT JEE students, working with Vikas Sir to significantly improve their performance in Physics and Chemistry

So let’s begin with a quick overview of the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams

JEE Main & JEE Advanced Exams

JEE Main (Paper I) is entrance exam (1 paper, 3 hrs, 300 marks, 75 questions) for admission to undergraduate engineering programs at NITs, IIITs, CFTIs and other prestigious institutions. And it also serves as the qualifier for JEE Advanced (also known as IIT JEE). [Cut Off for eligibility for JEE Advanced exam is around 90 percentile]

JEE Advanced on the other hand, is conducted by one of the 23 IITs every year (2 papers, 3 hrs each, total of 362 marks, 54 questions in each paper) for admission to prestigious IITs [IITs publish about 25000 ranks, but if you want to be at IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, IIT Kanpur, IIT Chennai or IIT Kharaghpur with engineering branch of your choice then you might want to target top 1000 ranks]

In any of these exams, physics, chemistry, and mathematics carry equal marks, though physics is seen by most students as the more difficult topic to master or champion. And it has been observed that students who develop a good comfort with physics do tend to do well in all 3 subjects.

So, before we dive into, how our classes with smaller batch sizes are designed to ensure that your ward reach their maximum potential, let’s take a quick look at the physics syllabus. You can read more about it, here in one of our blogs 

JEE Main Physics Chapter Wise Weightage 2021

Overview of Our Physics Online Classes

  • In-depth review of theory and concepts
  • 100% coverage of all different types of questions asked in JEE Main and JEE Advanced
  • 2000 questions will be practiced during class (over 18 months)
  • Weekly mock tests followed by a thorough review of mistakes
  • Continuous revision of previous chapters
  • Small batch sizes (maximum of 10 students) – Very interactive classes (Endless doubt clearing sessions)
  • Progress of each student tracked individually
  • Monthly fees which means that you are not financially burdened upfront

Who can benefit?

Students who…

  1.  are enrolled with FIITJEE or Aakash or any other coaching institute / school, where they are getting introduced to chapters or concepts
  2. are willing and motivated to do well in JEE Main and JEE Advanced Exams
  3. are looking to significantly improve their problem solving

We will stand behind the promise of measurable improvement in your ward’s performance.

Brief about our founder (Vikas Sir)

Vikas Sir - IIT Delhi Alumnus
  1. IIT Delhi (BTech in Mechanical Engineering)
  2.  Purdue University, USA (MS)
  3. 18 years of experience
  4. Founder and Master Physics Instructor at AceJEE

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of daily practice and excellent coaching and guidance from Vikas Sir.


Class Duration Timings
Class 11 (JEE 2023)
9 months
Monday to Friday (3pm to 4:30 PM)
Class 12 (JEE 2022)
9 months
Monday to Friday (5PM to 6:30PM)
Dropper Batch (JEE 2022)
9 months
Monday to Friday (9AM to 11:30 AM)
Individual Physics Chapters
2 Weeks
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JEE Main and JEE Advanced Physics Online Classes